23 Gay Trainers to Follow on Instagram for New and Improved Fitness Goals

23 Gay Trainers to Follow on Instagram for New and Improved Fitness Goals

Fitness is for everyone to stay healthy and away from various health issues. Somehow there remained a misconception that gays are the ones who are delicate. LOL! But here are some of such gay trainers who are actually cleaning up the misconception and offering some real fitness goals. 

1. Branden Hayward

He is an actor, an athletic, and someone with perfect comic timing. The 5’11” muscular Branden Hayward has acted in movies such as ‘Pour Me A Drink & Tell Me A Love Story” in the year 2011. He is also known for being a professional fitness trainer now.

2. Courtney Paul

Courtney Paul, based in New York is a license holder of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainer. The personal fitness trainer is also the creator of the CPXperience Trainer.

3. Kenta Seki

The actor and personal fitness trainer Kenta Seki helps his trainees with workouts and yoga sessions. Based in Los Angeles, he creates long HD videos that are helpful for both men and women.

4. Dan Welden

Dan Weldon from the NYC city is known for his looks and of course his fitness sessions. He can be followed on his site DTF Body to know more about his fitness training sessions.

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Out on the trails with @jarrodalt

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5. Cameron Burke

The gay musician from Hamilton is also a fitness freak. He is also a personal trainer who offers to train up in achieving fitness goals.

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Boys boys boys. @bcefa #broadwaybares #fip

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6. Gavin McKay

He is the founder of the Unite Fitness Studios. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Gavin is also a teacher and an environmentalist.

7. David Marshall

The 29 years old David is from Perth and is most commonly known as a wrestler. Apart from that, he is also a fitness trainer.

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🧸 @tigerhorse.com.au

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8. Paul McNulty

This is another personal trainer in this category who is often known for his photos and videos. He also has a website under the name of Dark Room.

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9. Seth Browning

This fitness expert from LA is not only a trainer but also an author. He has a number of best seller books from Amazon to his names such as the Meal Plans and Media.

10. Joe Andrews

Joe Andrews is a coach in fitness training. He also has a website of him under the name of Recovery Warrior Fitness.

11. Keoni Hudoba

The personal fitness trainer is involved in a number of ways such as he is the chief instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp.

12. Donald Romain

Donald Romain, the fitness expert has been offering fitness training and tips in different ways. He is a curriculum mentor at Barry’s Bootcamp.

13. Benjamin Wegman

Benjamin Wegman is not only a fitness expert but also a chief curriculum officer. He is also a founding instructor at classpasslive.

14. Dominik Scherl

The hunk is a personal trainer for both men and women. The certified trainer also offers workout and diet program.

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15. Ryan Hoang

The founder of the Centric, an activewear brand, Ryan is from NYC. IG marketing strategist is also a personal fitness trainer.

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What a beautiful day in the city

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16. AJ Mountain

AJ Mountain is a sportsperson and also a fitness trainer. Also, he is an animal lover and is the owner of the website CBD Mountain

17. Daniel Duggan

Daniel Duggan is the brand ambassador of the underwear brand ‘DanD’. The fitness trainer from NYC can be seen in actions at his site Dan Duggan Fitness.

18. Josh Putignano

Josh is a disabled army vet from Seattle. He is a personal trainer in NYC and is married to Joe Putignano.

19. Brien O’Brien

He is the owner of the Brien O’Brien Salon. You can check out the Instagram page of this fitness freak to get some interesting facts about him.

20. Brandon Keys

The Seattle model Brandon Keys is also the owner at Invoke FitnessHe offers online fitness training and nutrition suggestions.

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Looking to put on a few more pounds of muscle this winter, but not sure how? 🤔 Here are a few quick tips: –
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21. Greg McKeon

Greg is another fitness freak who has devoted his career in training people. His site Greg McKeon Fitness will speak a lot about him.

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Cruising the Caribbean #atlantisallurecruise2019

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22. John Kim

John Kim is a health trainer from Washington. Apart from being a fitness trainer, John is also swimming coach at Virginia Military Institute.

23. Wael F.

Wael F, the fitness gay trainers is both French and Lebanese. He is also a travel addict and all his travel documentaries can be checked out at adventures.of.matt.and.wael.

Fitness is for everybody and these gay trainers are fitness freaks are breaking limits to help people enter a world of complete fitness. They are not only freaks to stay healthy but also they teach up others to stay fit and healthy.


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