3 Reasons to Choose a 4-Post Server Rack

4-Post Server Rack: 3 Reasons to Choose a 4-post server rack | Pr Forbes
4-Post Server Rack: 3 Reasons to Choose a 4-post server rack | Pr Forbes

3 Reasons to Choose a 4-post server rack

Servers hosting data have become an essential part of the world. So not all racks are created the same way, and not all servers can fit in all frames. So it is crucial to choose your structure correctly. Reasons behind choosing a 4-post server rack are:

  1. Strength Is Must

The typical rack should be strong enough to hold 2,000 – 3,000 lbs, but depending on the area and amount of hardware that you have, you may need an even stronger frame. It’s vital to find a framework that is strong enough to withstand all pressure being exerted on it while remaining stable to prevent falls from accidental bumps. Frames made of steel are usually the way to go when looking for stability and strength since they are designed with those two factors in mind. Typically, a four-post rack offers this.

  1. 4 Post Racks Fit Every Space

When space is a constraint, and you need to have more servers but, at the same time, cannot compromise with the room. 4-post server racks are ideal as it is available in different dimensions and cast to fit in your room. However, it is always advisable to leave six inches gap from the wall to give space to your rack. One may thank the alterable support, which is a good part. However, if there is a demand for extra shelves, one can build their structure to one like Tetris.

  1. Your Server Rack Should Be Versatile

You can find several alternatives to select from as you go for a 4-post server rack. You are attaching sidebars, ledge, outlet, and cooling or drums. You can ascend the supply of energy on the side otherwise go for a premium server rack where other equipment can be housed. Furthermore, you can also give extra security to your setup of the server rack with the addition of doors, which can help you from having unauthorized access to the hardware that houses sensitive data of yours.

Once sorted out with the rack solutions and you decide to put in one that suits your needs the best, installation of the rack needs to be done. Luckily, our article on “How should you choose a Server Rack” can help you to get started.

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