5 Tips to Level Up Your Oral Sensual Games

5 Tips to Level up Your Oral Sensual Games
5 Tips to Level up Your Oral Sensual Games

Oral sex is one of the most sensual acts that people do. It involves using the mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner’s genitals. Whether you are giving it or receiving it, you always get that great feeling. Seeing your partner in undies can definitely excite you.

Therefore, let’s see how you can boost the experience of oral sex even more. 


1. Keep your tongue wet with chewing gums.

If you often have a dry mouth, it’s better to chew some gums before the oral sex session. Just grab some chewing gums from the side table. And chew until you get a hold of your partner. Besides chewing gums, you can also get some mints. These solutions can totally boost the lubricant secretion you need, i.e., the saliva.


2. What about trying blindfolded?

Try a blindfold

Try blindfolding. Being blindfolded or blindfolding your partner can surely bring more wildness. It increases sexual tension and makes private zones even more sensitive. Then tickle their vulva, labia, balls, or head – whatever your partner has. 


3. Praise their genitals.

Complimenting each other can always get your partner excited. You must feel confident when your partner compliments you. Don’t forget to return the favor. And what can be more amazing than your partner complimenting your privates? It boosts the turning-on factor and the confidence level. The detailed your compliment gets, the better experience you get. 


4. Rub their whole body with your hands.

Rub their whole body with your hands

Who says you can’t use your hands? Your hands can totally take a part in your oral sex session. Take the chance and use your hands to the fullest. You can grab, clutch, hold or gently rub their inner thighs, hips, chest, or back. You can even just grasp their hands with some cute and sweet talks. 


5. Keep your undies on during oral.

Don’t rip off everything as yet. Keep your undies on throughout the foreplay of the oral sex sessions. You can exhale warm breath onto your panties. Or, make way for your fingers into their panties slowly. Or, lightly pulling down their undies. Uhh….there’re so many things to do. Try out yourself.  

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