5 Types of Equipment Your Data Centre Must Have

Data Center | 5 Types of Equipment Your Data Centre Must Have

If you own a data center or are planning to own one, then you must be aware of the fact that a lot of planning is required to set it up and begin the operations. Once it has been set-up, you need to ensure that everything is running smoothly and accurately. No matter if you have a small data center for the computer equipment of your company or you are want to manage a cloud-based data center with thousands of square feet of space, these items are an integral part of a data center.

We have listed five significant categories of data center equipment that will help you get going.

Environment control equipment

When you have a lot of computer equipment present in a segregated place, it is essential to have a system that can regulate the heat that is generated inside. In such a scenario, it is not enough if you just keep the system in an air-conditioned room. The whole environment is to be managed with the help of various small equipment.
Thus, the data center rack should also have airflow plans, Humidifiers, etc. to manage the place from getting too hot. Sensors can be used to take readings of the temperature and humidity to monitor the environment and allow the system to react. Power air cooling units also are an ideal fit.

Redundant power sources

Electricity is a significant necessity on which the different types of equipment of a data center relies on. Almost everything requires electricity to run, and it starts with routers, switches, IT equipment, cooling systems, security cameras, etc. A large amount of power is needed with strong connections. No interruptions in between are accepted as it may result in improper functioning of equipment. Most data centers have a two-layer system for redundant power. They supply consistent power when there is a power cut or interruption in the power supply.

Server racks

There are several different kinds of equipment available in a data center that ranges from telephone equipment, switches, servers, routers, etc. It is not possible to operate in a data center if these items are placed on a desk or shelf. It causes inefficient use of space, and the equipment is exposed to physical hazards. Server racks come in handy to store computer equipment in a data center. A 19-inch rack from Raising Electronics will be more than enough to store everything in one place.

Cable management supplies

Within a datacenter rack, it is essential to have proper cable management that helps to keep all your cable wires organized. Colored cables are also helpful in identifying which wire belongs to which port easily. The cables should be guided either at the top or bottom of the rack that makes it easier to replace the cable wires that go bad. 15u rack from Raising Electronics is the perfect example of such racks that helps to manage everything in a single place.

Network and Computer Equipment

The main purpose of a Datacenter is to store network and computer equipment. If you are planning to build a data center from scratch, then network and computer equipment are the last items that need your consideration. Wall mount network rack will help you keep all network systems and connections well-managed at a single place. It will save a lot of space as well. Some equipment needs to be replaced frequently, and then others last long. The lifecycle management of each equipment should be appropriately done.

A data center requires planning extensively, more than you have imagined. Reach out to us at Rising Racks today and let us help you to set up your data center rack in the best possible manner.

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