Best Tea in India | Brands You Must Try at Least Once

Best Tea Brands in India You Must Try at Least Once

Best Tea Brands in India You Must Try at Least Once India is a land of spices and has used its spices in several recipes. Tea is one such recipe that was tasteless before the Indian touch. With about hundreds of tea brands, India is the second-largest producer of tea globally. Tea Brands in India have a market of about ₹12000 crores. Tata Tea is one of the most renowned tea brands in India. Among other states, Assam has many of the important tea brands in India based there. The Indian tea industry heavily relies on these brands for their survival. The brands in India like Tata Tea, Taj Mahal are quite popular. Here
we will discuss the best of those brands.

Best Tea Brands in India You Must Try at Least Once

Best Tea Brands in India

Tata is one company that is involved in almost everything. From automobiles to cyberspace, Tata is all over the place. Tata Tea is a subsidiary of Tata Industries, and it is quite popular among the masses. Talk about the tea brands in India would be incomplete without mentioning Taj Mahal Tea. The tagline of this brand Wah Taj stays with us even after so many years. The elegance and the taste of this brand are on another level.
Coming next on our list is the Red Label tea from Brooke Bond. This brand has a separate
following. The flavours of these brands are worth a try and won’t disappoint. TV watchers
must’ve seen this advertisement asking them to freshen up. Taza Ho Le! It is the tagline of this famous tea brand in India called Taaza. This brand of tea has its base in the grounded section of the population. Best taste at affordable prices is given by Taaza tea.

Tea brands in India have been facing a lot of competition from several other drinks. This,
however, hasn’t diminished the popularity of tea among tea lovers. As long as there are those who drink tea, tea brands in India will remain relevant.


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