Dunkin' Donuts
“Do-Nut” Wait for Some Delicious Donuts! Grab Them Today at Dunkin Donuts

We often say that the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach. It seems that “Dunkin Donuts” is all set to prove the truth behind this proverb. Let us imagine a store offering us a steaming mug of coffee and a doughnut at reasonable prices. That too, in December, when winter is steadily making inroads!

There is no doubt about the fact that this picture appears attractive to all food lovers. It conjures up images associated with culinary comfort in the land of food lovers that is India. This happened when “Dunkin Donuts” was launched in India.

Naturally, by now, the Indian population is all eager to know what “Dunkin Donuts.” is the first branch of this American food chain had opened in the year 2012, in Delhi. Gradually, it had spread branches all over the country.

Let’s unveil the mystery.

“Dunkin Donuts” is a food chain. Its menu primarily consists of coffee and doughnuts. Since India has been known to be a land of foodies, this bakery chain had signed a contract with an organization named “Jubilant Food works Pvt Ltd” to enter the Indian market in 2011.

As the name suggests, it offers a wide array of baked food like doughnuts, hot and cold beverages. A comfortable ambiance where the customers could just relax during their weekends or at the end of a hectic day, with their friends and family was an added advantage of this food chain!

Surveys reveal that in September 2019, it has 30 branches throughout India. The good news for vegetarians is that all the doughnuts are completely eggless.

Unfortunately, the lack of any fried food on the menu didn’t go down well with a part of the Indian crowd.

Last but not least, this American franchise had introduced other options like fruit-based milkshakes and sandwiches, because Indians were not familiar with the concept of doughnuts.



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