Fevicol Logo | Fevicol’s “ATOOT” Marketing Strategy | PR Forbes
Fevicol Logo | Fevicol’s “ATOOT” Marketing Strategy | PR Forbes


Most often, manufacturing the best product is not enough to sell a product and gain trust among customers. Marketing and advertising play a far bigger role in creating and fulfilling the demands of customers in a profitable way. Fevicol has come a long way in achieving this. Through its unique and relatable advertisements, this iconic Indian brand has found a place in almost every Indian’s mind, be it a carpenter’s workplace or a grade 2 kid’s art and craft project. Owned by Pidilite Industries, Fevicol’s story of success through its interesting themes of marketing is an inspiration for all marketing professionals.



The logo of Fevicol itself conveys its message in a very clear manner. The two elephants stuck together with the bond of Fevicol and the rising sun behind these elephants shows the popularity of this brand in the adhesive product market. The first and foremost reason why Fevicol advertisements are so popular is the connection that it creates with the Indian audience. Moreover, it is never less in entertainment which is the reason why it leaves a long impact on people’s minds.

Apart from its advertising campaigns, there are a few other things that have contributed to Fevicol’s popularity among its customers. One is that it never increased the price of its products abruptly which gained faith from customers. Yet another strategy is that it created several varieties of products that its customers were not limited to carpenters only but became an important need in household items as well.

As the generation keeps on pacing, the way people think and perceive things has also changed. Accordingly, marketing professionals also must adapt to different advertising techniques to keep pace with them. Understanding and then working to provide the best a customer can get is the key to a successful marketing story of any product or brand.


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