Indigo Is Winning the ‘earning Fame’ Game: Its Strategies
Indigo Is Winning the ‘earning Fame’ Game: Its Strategies

Indigo Carrier is the most successful civil aviation sector in India and the seventh-largest carrier in Asia. It also has the biggest fleet in the country. It gained a 3% share of the local markets in the past two quarters.

Where most companies are going into the grounds or being bankrupted in this struggling economy, Indigo’s adopted methods and norms are aiding it in making these great achievements. The credits for all these go to the careful and timed decisions implemented, and strategies followed. These strategies included:

Indigo Is Winning the ‘earning Fame’ Game with Its Strategies
Indigo Is Winning the ‘earning Fame’ Game with Its Strategies
  • A low-cost carrier-

    Being a low-cost carrier, Indigo doesn’t provide any extra facilities onboard like food or beverage. It also charges different rates for different seats rather than indulging in any superfluities by having a separate business class.

  • No extra training to crew members-

    Indigo Carrier saves its expenses on training crew members. They save by using a single kind of plane which doesn’t require any extra training to be provided. It also saves money by boycotting extra ground facilities.

  • Low life and fuel efficiency of a plane-

    The damage checking of Airplanes are mandatory after every 5-6 years, and these are expensive. To avoid spending on these damage-checks, Indigo uses planes with a maximum of 5-6 years of life span. They either sell off the planes after that or give them to lease.

  • Time-saving approach-

    Indigo selects such routes for its journey, which takes the least amount of time using its unique route planning system. It is helpful not only for the carrier service but also for the traveling people who have a deadline to be somewhere.

  • Revenue through advertisements-

    The mass advertising Indigo Carrier does is a great way of earning. If you get on an Indigo Airplane, you will come across several advertisements displayed in various places. The magazines they sell in-flight are one of the most expensive ones.


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