In the last decade, India has seen the development of many entrepreneurial ventures. With the changing world, India has been trying to keep ITE space. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are some of the most famous e-commerce companies. Among these, Amazon has a lot more influence. Amazon.in has been in India for a long time. It has added variety to itself over a long period of time. From clothes to mobile phones, it has you covered.
If you have ever ordered any mobile phone from Amazon.in, then you must have got a glimpse of the name Darshita Electronics. This electronics is a retailer that sells mobile phones and accessories on Amazon.in., the electronics e-commerce company has found its place among many other retailers on Amazon.in. This electronics e-commerce company has 94% positive reviews on Amazon in the last 12 months, with 21728 ratings.

Here is What is Wrong With Darshita Electronics

In the month of April 2018, complaints were filed against e-commerce giants Flipkart and
Amazon. The reason behind these complaints being the inappropriate use of FDI rules. Because of their exploitation of FDI rules, they were selling mobile phones at more than necessary discounts.

This led to an inter-association outrage, and then Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu had to interfere in the matter. Many retailers like Darshita Electronics were targeted for their involvement in this scam. Darshita electronics has been an inactive seller of Amazon. Therefore, it was accused of these charges too.

The violation of rules is never a good thing. E-Commerce companies must take responsibility for what they did and what they are doing. It is not about a single person’s fault. Darshita Electronics is as wrong as is Amazon. Being a part of something whose actions are not justified is not a healthy situation. Darshita Electronics should steer clear of these is camps in order to have a good name in public eyes.

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