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Entrepreneurship to Learn From Top 5 Indian Cricketers

As we Indians worship cricket, so have massive respect for all beloved Indian cricketers. We don’t see them only as sportspersons but also as our idols, whether it could be Dhoni or Virat, we love all of them. As their popularity increases all over the world, their fame gets equal to celebrities and business people.

These players keep updated information about the corporate world so they can invest in them. We are providing you a list of 5 Indian cricketers in this article who have mastered the art of entrepreneurship.

1. Virat Kholi

It is one of the most famous cricketers all over the world and captain of the Indian cricket team. The estimated net worth of Kholi is 382 crores and is considered a legendary Indian youth icon. With a massive income, Kohli invests his wealth in various businesses. He also owns a gym chain named Chisel.


2. MS Dhoni

This person needs no introduction. As a successful captain of the Indian cricket team, Dhoni also owns a Chennaiyin FC in partnership. Apart from this, Dhoni also has 25 percent of stakes in “Run Adam;” a Sports tech startup in Chennai. Moreover, he also owns a lifestyle brand named SEVEN.


3. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj is famously known as “Punjab da Puttar” in India. As you all know that he fought with cancer, and now his YouWeCan brand helps hundreds and thousands of cancer patients to compete with their disease. Moreover, this man also invests in many companies like Healthians, Vyomo, Cartisan, Sportybeans, etc.


4. Sachin Tendulkar

We can say that Sachin is one of the most successful Indian cricketers who has endorsed many popular brands. He is one of the leading investors in a technology company, “Smartron.”


5. Virendra Sehwag

This man has changed the way of batting in the opening with his partner Sachin Tendulkar. He owns a restaurant in Delhi named “Sehwag’s Favourites” and invested in Sehwag international school in Haryana.


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