Meaning of the SBI Logo

Meaning of the SBI Logo

A logo of a company, brand, or financial institute holds an important place when they want to create an unforgettable impression in the mind of the viewer. When it comes to the State Bank of India, its logo is blue in color and has a small cut at the bottom of its logo. The blue color is considered to be trustworthy, loyal, and dependable, and this is the reason why this color is being used in most of the marketing business. As it sends a sense of security, blue is considered the favorite color for logos when it comes to financial sectors.

Meaning of the SBI Logo

Shekhar Kamat, who held the position of head of the National Institute of Design, which is located in Ahmadabad, this man designed the current logo of SBI. This logo was first introduced on 1 st October in the year 1971 and was seen by the people on the integration day of the SBI Central Office building, which is located at Backbay Reclamation in Mumbai.

There are numerous stories that state the reason behind the logo of SBI, but most people believe that the creation of this logo was inspired by Kankaria Lake, which is located in Ahmedabad.

The designer of this logo made the logo to be circular so that it could represent the sense of unity and completeness which SBI sees in the country by providing the citizens with their best banking services. The small circles which are situated in the middle of the center represent that a large number of people who do transactions are the real reason which
holds the banks together.

The previous logo was a banyan tree with its strong roots and branches and had the ability to grow in all directions, but it was removed because it received criticism.


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