Unconventional healthcare method

Introduction: Healthcare

Very conventionally, by healthcare, we understand the means of taking care of our physical health or the health of the body. However, there is something more important and of more concern when it comes to mental health. Living in the luxurious and modern garb of the 21st century, to date, there are many who neglect mental health. With the recent increase in the child sexual abuse cases, it is high time when we actually consider thinking about their mental trauma and state afterward when they go through any such ill experience.

How to tackle the situation?

When the trust of adults breaks, as humans we always find it difficult to establish that trust again on either that person or on any other. Imagine the state of proletarian i.e. the innocent or unspoiled mind of a child coming across something so terrible that it shakes their tree of trust. When Larry Nasser has sentenced weeks ago, many of them must have questioned themselves about the shattering of the faith that we build over time in others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to believe trust in your own child and try knowing why they do not like a particular uncle or cousin in the family rather than applying your superior authority to make the innocent one like them. Often, we, as adults, believe in other adults so intensely that we fail to recognize their true intention and their potential to actual bear evil thoughts concerning the child. Children being innocent are easy to exploit or violate and then later blew off their tears as childish or trivial. What if the tears bear any true horrible reason and the child has been suffering inside? Would not you be responsible the most as being lousy parents who could not take proper healthcare of your child?

Unconventional healthcare method

According to the latest reports in the United States, sixty-three thousand children have been in some way sexually abused out of which every two out of three belong in the age group between twelve to seventeen. More horrified statistics awaits, ninety percent of them were well known to the abuser, and approximately thirty-four percent were from the victim’s family, fifty-nine percent were people who were in some way known to the abused children and only seven percent of the perpetrators were absolute strangers. Hence, evidence shows that it is more common with people whom the child knew from beforehand. As parents, we should be careful regarding whom to trust with our children and also keep in mind about the person’s behavior around children if possible.

Steps to help your child

TALK. Talking and interacting can resolve more than half of the problems. Make your child Frank and you’re amiable so that the child can easily open up to you if need be. If you find any guilt working in your child, try calming them down and remember not to panic or otherwise you would end up making the already delicate situation even worse. Give him or her the courage to reduce their embarrassment and give them the power to feel normal.


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