Pocket friendly vacation spots near you
Pocket friendly vacation spots near you

Introduction: Vacation Spots

Vacation is like a metaphor for an escape from the mundaneness and monotony of everyday life. However, you do not want to spend a lot on the trip so that your budget runs tight for the rest of the month. Places that are comparatively cheaper yet scenic or luxurious are therefore the ones mostly chose by many. A recent drop in flight fare of Port Blair and Srinagar has been in the headlines of online travel portals. The drop in the fares to these places is up to twenty-four percent while other destinations such as Jammu or Muscat is twenty-three and nineteen percent simultaneously. Another surprising recent trend observed among Indian tourists is to prefer Bangkok to Dubai. For the majority of the Indians, Dubai had been topping the list of being their favorite for quite a long time. August and September are favorable to visit these places.

Recent travel updates

The Palm Atlantis- Dubai
The Palm Atlantis- Dubai. Vacation Spots

Dubai was the top preference for Indians to visit until last year which has been replaced this year by Bangkok. New York, however, maintains his second position of being the most popular destination amongst Indians. Situated on the west coast of India, Goa with its immense adventure opportunities has been ranked fourth in the list. In the previous year, Goa was long back occupying the seventh position. Probably, the openings of several resorts, cottages, spa places and several adventure sports that are present make Goa a thrill to the youth of the nation. It is a travel goal of most of the young groups today to visit Goa at least once with their friends. All this information has been analyzed and shared by Kayak who had kept an eye over a million travel search engines in order to be able to plan the perfect holiday for people. Much research and analysis go into ranking the holiday destination. For an entire year i.e. from 1st January to 31st December, the most number of searches on a particular place in various websites decides the one most popular of that specific year. Now, the statistics are put to comparison to the data of the previous year and the new ranking order is made. All this has been possible because of the lately released device by Kayak named Travel Hacker Guide. This is an essentially useful multipurpose tool used for finding destinations that are on trend nowadays, places that are friendly to your pocket, travel hacks, famous spots in each place, and best hotel suggestions as well. The Regional Manager of Kayak in India and West Asia, Mr. Abhijit Mishra has complete trust in the development of the Travel Hacker Guide and said: “The Travel Hacker Guide will help Indian holidaymakers the best, most reliable information they need to plan their travel with confidence.”


When places in India itself have been topping lists of being favorites of India travelers, their urge to explore more of the diversity present in their own nation gets reflected. And these websites act as a handy tour guide to thirsty travelers on their way.


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