The Success Story of Paresh Ghelani

The Success Story of Paresh Ghelani


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Paresh Ghelani, who is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, is well known for his problem-solving skills with his innovative mind. Companies like Moon Express, Viome Inc, DTV MotorCorporation, Ferrate Treatment Technologies, Casepoint, and Radimmune Therapeutics are his current cases on which he is investigating and working. Companies that are taking part in changing the world and upgrading technology but need a little bit of mentoring and investment, here is the place where Paresh Ghelani comes in to invest and mentor such companies.


The XPRIZE Foundation:

The XPRIZE Foundation

The XPRIZE Foundation comes among other many projects which are worked on by Paresh Ghelani to solve challenges that are challenging and these are solved by giving an incentive prize. Not only Paresh but Ratan Tata and Naveen Jain also wanted to solve India’s challenges like health, sanitation, women’s safety, and access to clean water, waste management, and more, in order to solve these challenges they all brought the XPRIZE Foundation.

Paresh Ghelani lives by the motto of working hard in silence and letting your success be the noise. He built the 2020 company LLC from nothing to a big company and employed more than 1000 employees. He provided advanced technology in education, defense, and healthcare space to the US government, and later, this company, which was so successful, was bought by a private equity firm. Before building this successful company, Paresh had already founded and built two different companies that were based on technological development.

Parish being a hard-working entrepreneur and a philanthropist, his hard works and his stories of success are the perfect examples and inspiration to young entrepreneurs from all over the world. They can watch and learn from his achievements and make their own missions, which will have a positive effect on humanity and will help other people in the long run.

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