This Is Everything You Need To Know About Swiggy's Business Model

This Is Everything You Need To Know About Swiggy’s Business Model

Over the last decade, the Indian business scene has changed significantly. This can be accredited to the introduction of new business ideas that have an innovative and unique approach. These are called startups. Start-ups are different than the traditional ways of business because of the novelty of their idea and their focus on solving problems that most people do not notice but have experienced frequently. Flipkart, PayTM, and Myntra were some of the early members of the Indian Start-up Culture, and the Indian Startup Culture stands strong with a lot of members contributing to it. Swiggy is one such start-up that serves food on your house steps with the network of delivery boys. It functions by making contract with restaurants that work like vendors. Here we will get to know about the business model of Swiggy and how they manage to deliver our food on time.

Swiggy’s Business Model

Swiggy Business Model is focused on three important points that help the food delivery giant get its revenue. Firstly, Swiggy charges a commission from the restaurants that have a tie-up with it. Swiggy’s Business Model also exploits the will of restaurant owners to get featured on the top of the search bars when someone opens the app. Swiggy charges restaurants to feature them on top.


Swiggy's Business Model
Swiggy’s Business Model


Secondly, Swiggy has a minimum ordering amount set for free delivery. So, less than that amount will cost you the delivery charges that add up to the revenue of Swiggy. Lastly, advertisements also help Swiggy get some more money. The restaurant owners pay Swiggy to advertise themselves on the app, which counts as a paid promotion to get more customers. This was everything you needed to know about Swiggy’s Business Model. You sure can learn a few things from this for your business idea.


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