Daler Mehndi
Daler Mehndi Song Used by Chandigarh Traffic Police, the Idea is Loved Anyway

Are you aware of the new and innovative idea of the Chandigarh traffic police? They decided to raise awareness about the traffic rules and regulations and the innovative idea is also loved by Netizens.

They have recently come up with the idea of playing this track in No Parking zones and have gathered several praises and love on social media as well. When Daler came to know about the usage of Daler Mehandi Song, he tweeted about how glad he was that traffic police are using to inspire people to follow traffic rules.

Video of using Mehndi Song went Viral

 The video that went viral on youtube and social media featured a policeman from Chandigarh police who was captured while singing the twisted version of Daler Mehandi Song which is very famous and is a big hit “Bolo Tararara”. The lyrics of the song are really good and they are used to explain the harmful effects of parking at the wrong place. In the video, the traffic police can be heard singing the song and his lyrics are clearly audible that says “Traffic Police teri car chuk lag gayi, chori hogi, chori ho gayi, such reh gayi, bolo tararara”.

Benefits of using Daler’s song

 It was observed that after using Daler’s song people took the initiative sportingly and they praised the usage of this creative idea. It was also noticed that the number of car parks in the “No Parking” zone was also reduced to a great number and they enjoy a lot.

Daler praised the traffic police of Chandigarh and he was very happy. He liked the idea of using his jingle and thanked the policemen for using his song for a good cause. Great support prevailed from the public as well.




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