Dat Dog Enterprises– Small Business Spotlight for this week

Dat Dog Enterprises has taken up new outstanding measures for growing into new directions – Small Business Spotlight for this week.
Image by Dat Dog


At the beginning of the New Year, small business is going to flourish with new methods in the US. The first outlook on the initiatives taken by Dat Dog Enterprises is really that amazing. Hot dog stands are nothing new but Dat Dog Enterprises has challenged this same old hot dog stand with a new spin-off and a very popular concept. They have added new recopies and also unique atmosphere to enjoy the hot dogs.

This small business company had started their journey with a small stand but now they have come up with astounding methods to increase their business and they have won their spot in the week’s Small Business Spotlight in the US trends.

What is so different about Dat Dog?

President/COO of Dat Dog, William DiPaola has mentioned to Small Business Trends that the main attraction of their stand is their vibrant atmosphere, local beer and definitely their special hot dogs. Their stall remains open till late nights. That is one of the main causes behind such huge crowd attracted to their stalls.

The menu includes different gourmet sausages made from crawfish, duck, alligator, chicken, hamburger and beef wiener. There is no extra charge for ordering exclusive yet unconventional 30 different types of toppings available such as blackberry sauce, Sriracha mayo and crawfish etouffee, guacamole etc.

The journey up till today:

DiPaola has mentioned that the journey of Dat Dog began with their founder Constantine Georges in 2011 in New Orleans. He did not expect much at the economically depressed Freret Street neighborhood. But when he witnessed lines waiting in front of the hot dog stand then he had guessed that there is definitely a path built before him.

As DiPaola was asked about his greatest win he mentions that he cherishes every win that has come on their way including the development of the agreement with B&G Food Enterprises, their appearance in the Food Enterprises, LLC to open up their stand in different 25 locations in Houston and much more to come. He is very much appreciating their growth and earning a national standpoint.

Biggest risk and lessons learned:

When DiPaola was asked about the greatest risk they have faced yet, he mentions that it was indeed when they have built their original Dat Dog location on Freret Street. The biggest challenge was taken when they had chosen a 475-square-foot shack to build on the economically depressed New Orleans neighborhood. But they had to take that risk and bring out their fullest potentials with whatever they had at that moment.

DiPaola is very eager to expand into new possibilities with their small business. They have plans to grow thereafter finding opportunities in that direction.

In that context, DiPaola has mentioned that he would definitely look after the healthcare and benefits of his employees. He believes that “staff morale is the best money spent because the closer we are the better we serve.” He adds that service is in their DNA. If their employees are unhappy they will not be able to serve their best which is why they enjoy a fair enough amount of freedom. Dat Dog has plans to partner with various local non-profits which will put them on the track for doing something good for the community.

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