Dissecting the big Summit – 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit

Dissecting the big Summit – 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit

International politics is always integrated with the difference of opinion between North Korea and the United States. The political and diplomatic relations between the two countries has been hostile, to say the least, which dates to the Korean War. The current pain point between the countries has been North Korea’s nuclear program and the consecutive sanction on the country.

The talks between these countries improved last year after a vaguely successful Singapore Summit. With both these countries showing their interest in a mutual relationship, things were looking bright.

The second phase of the Summit happened in Vietnam between the U.S President Donald Trump and North Korean WPK Chairman Kim Jong-un on February 27-28.

Let’s dissect what really happened in this big Hanoi Summit.

Day One of the Meeting

President Trump met Vietnamese President and General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng. The day started on a brighter note as Vietnam and the US signed few lucrative deals. A couple of such deals were Vietjet Aviation and Bamboo Airways signing deals with Boeing. Vietjet is set to purchase 100 737 MAX aircraft and has also inked a deal with General Electric for the maintenance services. President Trump also had a few high-level meeting with top politicians of Vietnam.

After the initial business meetings, the big shots Trump and Kim met at the Hanoi’s Metropole Hotel. The one-one session lasted for 30 minutes and ended with formal pleasantries. The day ended with a Social dinner in Hanoi. Among many high profile attendees, the key members at the dinner were U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, DPRK Vice Chairman Kim Yong-chol, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong-ho. During the dinner, President Trump voiced his optimism about North Korea and Chairman Kim voiced out his appreciation about the way Summit was going.

Day Second of the Meeting

The second day started with a press conference which hinged with few monumental cringing moments. After the press interaction, both leaders went into the historical meeting. However, the planned lunch between leaders got canceled, as well as the other things scheduled for the day. The major motto of the Summit was to find agreement with regards to Sanctions leveled on North Korea and whether they were ready to denuclearize. Eventually, the dialogue had severed and the two delegations left the meeting site and had aborted all other meetings too. Leaving all the press fraternities in a sea of uncertainty.

The Future

The breakdown has further distant any possibilities of these two nations to find any international alliances. In an official statement, Trump said that North Korea was ready to close only one of their nuclear plant in exchange for their removal of sanction. In a statement from Kim base, they felt that the US were unjust with their deal.

Thus, with the political blame game going on, it would be naive to think that the two countries would resolve their differences any time soon.


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