Do You Think It Is Alright To Taste Semen? Know What Does It Taste Like.

Do You Think It Is Alright To Taste Semen? Know What Does It Taste Like.
Do You Think It Is Alright To Taste Semen? Know What Does It Taste Like.

You must know what semen is, right? Semen is sperm floating in a combination of fluids. But what comes to your mind first when you think about tasting semen? Did you just make a vomiting face? Well, not everyone is like you. There are people who don’t mind tasting their partner’s cum. They do it playfully and enjoy tasting it.

If you go and ask someone “Have you ever tasted semen yourself?”, you might get some eye-popping-out answers. You might land up with answers like “Salty water”, “Sour and Warm”, or”Just not my preferred protein”. However, have you ever wondered how healthy semen can taste? So, let’s find the answer to the question.


What does healthy semen taste like?

Tasting Semen

Well, the taste of semen can vary greatly from person to person. However, there are ways to detect healthier semen than a normal one. When someone ejaculates, some bodily fluids combine together. In other words, the secretion from different male glands makes the taste different. Generally, semen has a bleaching smell because of its alkaline content. In addition to that, its color varies from cloudy white to grey. Moreover, its consistency is thicker than water, providing it a jelly-like texture.


What foods can make semen taste better?

Foods that can make semen taste better

You must have heard of pineapple good in making the taste of semen better. Do you think it’s true? Well, there isn’t any scientific proof that pineapple really works in this case. However, it is said that foods can affect the  and smell of semen.

There are many foods that can help in improving the smell and taste of semen. Some of these foods are pineapple, oranges, and other fruits. However, there are also many foods that can worsen the smell or taste of semen. Some of them are cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, and caffeine. So, forbid your man from eating these foods so that you can enjoy them the next time you taste them.

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