All about Popxo

POPxo is a similar name for nowadays generation who uses the internet. For some people who don’t know this website, it is one of the hugest digital women’s groups. Now we shall know more about this setup and the story to this: 

What does POPxo mean?

These are all about modern culture; it’s famous, fun, vast, and energetic- in which many Indian women want nowadays. Hence, this is come up with so much love.

Who was the founder of this?

Priyanka Gill was a CEO who is an experienced journalist with so many ideas for fashion. In the beginning, it first started as a homegrown blog which was named EStylista during the year 2006. Priyanka wrote everything that came to her mind until she decided on the creativity and talent she showed, which gave her the opportunity. Therefore, she then decided to go all in one time.

What was the Idea for POPxo?

As an investor, Priyanka stood back for many startups and food ideas, which was London-based Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Raptor, and Campania. From writing blogs to an Indian who is all over the place during the year 2013, she then has directed Popxo, which was Called “The Desi Guide to life and love,” to enormous heights.

Therefore, in respective of gill, creating content and videos or social media has always been tough. POPxo has 2000 pieces of material, which also has 150 videos, 800 stories, and plenty of social media charts, which includes a vast amount of people. They are because they have been able to write different types of content that they can relate to nowadays women. 


In the beginning, it just began with a massive group of people who were working from homes, basically in London and Mumbai, who met online every day at google hangouts. 


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