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Is Your Favourite Celebrity A Part of This List of Hottest Gay Celebs?

Is Your Favourite Celebrity A Part of This List of Hottest Gay Celebs?

Gone are the days when boys used to confine their sexual desires for someone of the same gender by naming it as a “man-crush”. Now they are more open about their sexual orientation because of the world that has changed with time and change for good. Many celebrities have revealed themselves to be gay, and if not the hottest, they sure are the most stunning gay people in the world. This list talks about the five most famous celebrities who revealed themselves as gay and are as hot as a volcano!

  • Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer is an American actor, and he is happily married. Matt Boomer’s chiseled body and perfect jawline make him a treat to watch whenever he is on screen. The man was also rumored to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Series, but fans were left disappointed.

  • Wentworth Miller

The actor is known for his performance in Prison Break, and many of his female fans were left saddened when they got to know about his sexual orientation. He was also nominated for the Golden Globe award and is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood.

  • Ricky Martin

The media kept speculating about the man’s sexual preferences until he himself confirmed it. This Latin pop artist is quite a hunk and well known throughout the world.

  • Duncan James

In 2009, he identified himself as bisexual. But later confirmed being gay in 2011. He is the most physically attractive of all people listed over here.

  • Neil Patrick Harris

The star performer of How I Met Your Mother brilliantly pulled off the character of a womanizer despite being gay, and if that doesn’t count as hot, then don’t know what is.

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