Know The Story Behind “Does Bruno Mars Is Gay”?

Bruno Mars, born as Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America, is an American singer. Bruno Mars has sung a lot of popular songs, and many of his songs have got a great reception from the majority of the world. His most popular songs being “Just The Way You Are,” “Grenade,” and “The Lazy Song.” He also received a Grammy Award for his song titled “The Lazy Song.” The man has proven himself time and again with his singing talent and hence earned a lot of fans throughout the world.

Actual Story: Is He Gay?

In recent times, this question has been popped a lot of times by a lot of people. The reason being the suave personality of the singer, which often misleads people into questioning his sexuality. But when an online news portal released an article with the title “Does Bruno Mars Is Gay,” it became a target for a lot of people because of the incorrect grammar used in the title and the content it would yield for them. Many used this article as their source for producing their own content on different platforms. The purpose of the article was fulfilled or not is a different story altogether.

Who did what with “Does Bruno Mars is Gay?”
Bruno Mars & Jessica Caban

Who did what with “Does Bruno Mars is Gay?”

As stated earlier, many independent content creators exploited the existence of this article and used it for their individual gains. There was a YouTube channel that goes by the name “Game Grumps,” and it made an animated video on the “Does Bruno Mars Is Gay” debacle. The video constantly made fun of the entire scene, where people believed Bruno Mars is gay. However, these theories about Bruno Mars being gay are debunked by the fact that he is currently dating Jessica Caban and is in a stable relationship with her as of now.


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