Gay Couples

After America legalized gay weddings in about 50 different states by the year 2015, a high number of such weddings have been witnessed by the world now. Love is love after all, in whatever way you celebrate it. In current times, one of the ways is to accept the gay relationships that the individuals have.

Here are the top 10 gay weddings that the world witnessed currently.

Ellen DeGeneres – Portia de Rossi

The couple tied the knot in the year 2008 just after the legalization of the concept in California. Portia took to a Zac Posen gown while Ellen came up with cream pants along with a vest. The couple came up with a matching slipper that had the words ‘I Do’ mentioned. The couple welcomed their guests with a 100% vegan menu and they danced on the tunes of ‘Ribbon in the Sky’.

Neil Patrick Harris – David Burtka

After a dating period of about 10 years, the couple had their wedding in Italy in September 2014. It was a secret wedding by the director Pam Fryman. The grooms were in the tuxedos of Tom Ford and their children also became a part of their wedding.

Samira Wiley – Lauren Morelli

It all started on the sets of the movie ‘Orange is the New Black’ where Lauren Morelli, the producer met Samira, the actor. After about 5 years, they got hitched in the year 2017. The couple invited about 97 guests at the Palm Springs of California. The wedding was celebrated well with music, champagne, and the confetti wedding cake.

Tom Daley – Dustin Lance Black

The couple got married in the year 2017 May in front of about 120 guests. The London Gay Men’s chorus came up with a performance while both the grooms came up with their Burberry tuxedos to exchange the vows. After some days, the couple shared their wedding videos online and mentioned that any ad revenue coming up from the videos will be donated to the charities of various LGBT groups.

Lance Bass – David Turchin

Well, this was a lavish wedding that took place in the year 2014 in Los Angeles. The wedding took place in front of 300 guests that included some of the known celebrities too. Both the grooms wore Josh Yunger and Jeff Kim tuxedos and the event took place with a seven-tiered cake of various flavors.

Jim Parsons – Todd Spiewak

Almost after a long time period of 15 years, the couple got hitched in 2017 May in New York City. The wedding took place in front of some of the famous personalities such as the costars of The Big Bang Theory.

Colton Haynes – Jeff Leatham

Colton Haynes Jeff Leatham married
Source: The Knot News

Though the couple experienced a rough relationship that consisted of divorce and then again reuniting, the wedding that took place in 2017 was something worth talking about. The couple wore matching tuxedoes and invited about 120 guests to celebrate their special day.

Cheyenne Jackson – David Landeau

The couple got married way back in the year 2014 at their friend’s estate situated in California. Beautiful trees and chandeliers decorated the wedding venue and bluebirds were singing while they exchanged their vows.

Cynthia Nixon – Christine Marioni

Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marioni
Happy #NYCPride

The couple started dating in the year 2009 but they waited till the year 2012 when finally the gay wedding was legalized in New York. Nixon took to wear a gown and Christine wore a suit that was matching the color of the gown.

Melissa Etheridge – Linda Wallem

Melissa Etheridge & Linda Wallem

The couple celebrated their day of exchanging vows in a lily garden of California in the year 2014. A number of celebrities participated in the event.

Love is everyone, though the ways of celebrating it may be different. These celebrity gay weddings proved it quite nicely.


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