Gender-Related Terms | 12 Gender-Related Term You Should Know
Gender-Related Terms | 12 Gender-Related Term You Should Know

Gender doesn’t strictly define an individual’s sexual character. It’s something way beyond that concept of identifying one as a male or a female. Not everybody’s gender matches their physical and sexual characters. In other words, it doesn’t always match the sex assigned at birth. 

Moreover, gender can be fluid. This means someone’s gender identity might change over time. But that’s absolutely okay. It’s a personal thing and anyone isn’t answerable to anyone to feel like that. Plus, not all of us are familiar with these gender-related terms. Therefore, whether it’s your thing or you want to know more about the gender-related terms, here is something to help you out.

1. Agender:

As Google says, “agender” is a gender-related term for those who don’t identify themselves as male or female. In other words, they experience an absence of any sexual feelings.  


2. Gender nonconforming:

Gender nonconforming

Gender non-conforming people are those who break gender stereotypes. They challenge society’s expectations and challenge their way of thinking. In other words, they don’t follow the “pink-for-girls, blue-for-boys” norms. 


3. Sex:

Sex is a gender-related term that is used to identify a person at the time of birth. Doctors assign the name as “male” or ”female” based on their genitals. Sex versus gender is a confusing topic of discussion for many. For someone, sex might not the same as gender. They might identify themselves as a different gender than their genitals define. 


4. Gender:

Gender is a gender-related term created by humanity to set its own rules and expectations. It may or may not be the same as an individual’s sex. In other words, gender is the internal understanding that someone gets about themselves. 


5. Cisgender:


Cisgender, “cis” in short, are those people whose gender matches the sex assigned to them at birth. For example, if you are a vagina owner and feel like a female, you’re a cisgender female. 


6. Cishet:


Cishet is the short term for “cisgender heterosexual”. This gender-related term is used for “cis and “straight” people. 


7. Transgender:


Gender-Related Terms | 12 Gender-Related Term You Should Know

Transgender, “trans” in short, are the individuals whose gender doesn’t match with the sex assigned to them at birth. For example, a transgender man was identified as female at the time of birth. However, he expresses himself as the male gender. 


8. Genderqueer:

Genderqueer people are those who identify themselves as neither gender, both, or a combination. In other words, they don’t fall into the traditional gender binary. 


9. Gender fluid:

Gender-Related Terms | 12 Gender-Related Term You Should Know

People falling under this category believe that their gender can change over time. In other words, these people find themselves moving between different gender personalities. Like, one day, they might feel like females. However, on the very next day, they might express themselves as males.


10. Intersex:

Intersex is a gender-related term used for people who are born with ambiguous genitals. Like, someone is born with a female genital but has male-typical anatomy internally. However, doctors delivering babies have different opinions about the genitals of the newborns. They categorize the baby into male, female, or intersex. That’s the reason why people can identify themselves as whatever gender they want.


11. Non-binary:

Non-binary is a term used for genders, which are not just male or female. This word can have different meanings for different individuals. In other words, it can be someone who is trans, gender fluid, genderqueer, or non-binary. It can be anything. 


12. Orientation:

Sexual orientation is quite different from gender identity. However, oftentimes, this important topic is misunderstood. There are numerous gender identities that have heterosexual sexual orientations.


We hope after reading this article you won’t judge anyone, or get judged by anyone. Plus, do comment and let us know your opinions.

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