OPU Labs

OPU Labs

With increasing amount of pollution each day, skincare is the third most talked topic of concern after environment and health. Not only girls but boys also are recorded these days regularly browsing the search engine to get answers to different skin issues. While doing so, it is not necessary that the person will get proper information that can be beneficial.

When it is about the skincare, the research can go endlessly. Researchers and other experts are always on their way to research and learn about different things to implement better ideas in the skincare industry. OPU Labs have tried to bring all such people at one single place so that the challenge of gaining information can be reduced down to some amount.

What Is OPU All About?

The OPU Lab’s application has been designed with the single mission of improving upon the information exchange to benefit the work skincare industry. It is based on blockchain technology and is mainly a platform where different people can come and exchange their data and information about different skincare topics.

Anyone can be a part of the application such as researchers, dermatologists, manufacturers and even consumers. The application is not only a platform to exchange information but also offers rewards for exchanging data.

OPU Labs

What Are OPU Tokens?

As mentioned before, OPU also offers rewards to people who make a contribution of anything to the lab in the form of OPU tokens. This means that if a person is submitting data to the platform or if someone is trying out a dermatologist’s clinic through the platform, OPU will become the payment method for them. With such methods, there are high chances that in the coming future, the community will grow and the tokens will be in huge demand. Hence, this can be the right time to get into the system and get your token before the usage of the platform increases to new heights.

Services Offered

OPU is known to offer a number of services among which these three are the most important ones.

  • OPU AI

This is a technology and analyzes the question and hence compares and then recommends the right solution to the person.

  • OPU Search

The search feature is integrated into the application so that you can search for the right information immediately with the right keywords. These answers are available from different skincare services as well as various e-commerce partners.

  • OPU Coin

You will make use of the Ethereum cryptocurrencies that is used in the marketplace of OPU for transaction different data or services.

  • OPU Connect

You can instantly get advice on different skincare topics from even other communities apart from doctors.


Free CRM is provided for service providers such as doctors with options such as notes and others.

Hence, OPU Lab can be a great option for those who deal in skincare industry and do not wish to waste much time in research at the wrong place. OPU is featured now at different websites such as TrackICO, ICOmarks, Block Business News Network, Blockchain Healthcare Review, Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist.net, News BTC, finder, and many others. So, there cannot be any such reason for you to ignore this and this can be actually the right way to get involved in the app and buy a token immediately.


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