Good news for people of Jerusalem residing in US

Vice President Mike Pence listens to President Donald Trump
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Since Trump has been elected as the US President, controversy has never left his side. Lately, in a public meeting, he has declared Jerusalem to be capital of Israel which is not quite considered by many, however not that he cares for others. To support his decision, US Vice President has announced that before the end of 2019 which is quite before time, an embassy of Jerusalem would be ready to function on US land. During his speech in Israeli Knesset, he has proudly declared his nation’s advancement in being able to start functioning and also develop their existing plans on Jerusalem embassy. His speech was well accepted by Israeli mass and also praised hugely. Besides, he had mentioned that Trump has the courage to take a step ahead towards being right by announcing Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, thereby clearly showing his support to Trump.

Root of controversy

Once during a demonstration which was being held in the US embassy, most of the legislators had signs in their hands which read that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. That had started the controversy years ago. Palestinian community and their allies were quite offended by this action. In fact, this one action became the center for several other diplomatic arguments. It was looked forward towards its correction in later peace treaties where the city’s identity and status would also be recognized. Mike Pence, the Vice President has further said that the US would make sure to stand as a support beside Israel. Referring to several anecdotes and allusions from Bible, he showed his faith in his own religion and affirmed his belief in the religions of others as well. He further mentioned that “your cause is our cause, your values are our values, your fight is our fight.” Predictions have already been started about when the move would finally take place. Some of the people are also worried about whose words to put their trust into since the US secretary of state had declared that the shift would not happen at least before 2020. Therefore, if Pence’s words are true then why had Rex Tillerson had talked about the delay in the relocation? On the other hand, Ayman Odeh who is the chairman of the Joint Arab List Alliance said that his group would not support the views of Pence because he is a man of dangerous motives who is supposedly planning to cause trouble to the region.


Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, however, has reacted sharply Odeh’s words saying he is going to bring disgrace by not thinking about the well-established rapport of the two nations. He supports Trump and considers his decision to write a new history in the world. Netanyahu is seemingly amazed at the fact that in a private meeting, for the first time ever, both the parties agree on the same point, i.e. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Palestinian leadership, however, is enraged at Trump’s whimsical announcement and accused the US to have broken the peace.


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