Got A Sweet Tooth? Try Hide And Seek Biscuits

Got A Sweet Tooth? Try Hide And Seek Biscuits
Got A Sweet Tooth? Try Hide And Seek Biscuits

Parle has a number of mouth-watering biscuits and cookies. People always like the taste and texture of these biscuits and cookies, but one of the best products Parle has is their Parle Hide and Seek Choco Rolls. Unlike the Hide and Seek Choco Chip variant, this biscuit is filled with chocolate inside, which is lived by their customers. These biscuits are cream-filled from the inside and crispy and crunchy from the outside. These biscuits are made up of wheat flour, which is baked.

Try Hide And Seek Biscuits
It is not a secret that Parle’s Hide and Seek Choco Chip biscuits are loved by many of their customers, but their new choco rolls and cookies are going their customer’s attention and love after it was launched in the market. This is the reason why we are talking about the choco rolls because they have taken the market by storm.

Things that you should know about Parle’s Hide and Seek Choco Rolls are:-

  • We all know that the choco-chip variants were not filled with any sort of cream, but these choco roll biscuits are filled with cocoa cream.
  • These cream-filled biscuits are made from wheat flour, and then they are baked.
  • The weight of each biscuit is somewhere around 12.3g, and the quantity of sugar is 3.8g, which equals one-third of the biscuit’s weight.

Got A Sweet Tooth? Try Hide And Seek Biscuits

Whenever you take a bite of these yummy choco rolls, you get a taste of combined bitter and sweet cocoa cream, and the filling of this cocoa cream is very rich as well as smooth. When it comes to the crunchiness of these biscuits, they will not disappoint you. All these features of Parle’s Gide and Seek Choco Rolls make it almost perfect for our taste buds. Hence, if you are having a sweet tooth, you can always go for these delicious biscuits to curb your hunger for sweets.


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