Hospitality of Australia

Hospitality of Australia


Hospitality and tourism is an extremely fast-growing industry in today’s world. With rapidly increasing globalization, it has become easier to travel anywhere in the world as desired. And this easy access has been a great factor to promote tourism practices. To backup tourism, good hospitality in a particular tourist spot is highly important. To sustain tourism and tourists’ satisfaction, comfortable hospitality and its management should be the primary concern of the people working in this sector. In this fast-growing industry, Australia makes some thousands of billion dollars by providing good hospitality services.



Australia has approximately 8.7 million shows that a huge number of people are interested to visit Australia due to its good hospitality services. There is an essential factor that influences more tourism activities, and support more international tourist to visit Australia, which is low flight fares. These all add up to the total GDP of Australia. There were about 41.2 billion dollars spent in the year 2017, by the end of September. And this prominently reflects the fact that the total tourism growth of Australia is about three times more than the total tourism growth of the world, which is about 3.9%. There is an interesting factor in the tourism and hospitality services of Australia, that the total increase in the number of tourists in rate, is more in among international tourists than the domestic tourists.


Although the hospitality and tourism service of Australia has been excellent to visitors, there also lie some problems. Hospitality and tourism services need many professional workers. Skill and knowledge of workers are what makes the services appreciable to tourists. It is often misperceived by many people that hospitality services do not need enough skills. While in reality, there is a need for talent and education to perform skillfully and satisfy tourists by serving excellently. But as Australia is a land of few people, i.e. very less population, there is a significant shortage of professionals in this particular field of hospitality.

In the year 2015, estimation was given that there is a need of near about 38 thousand more skilled people to work, in the field of hospitality to meet the need of this industry. Whereas in reality, there was extremely few skilled personnel engaged in this sector. This eventually led to the recruitment of foreign people, who are skilled and professional, to work in the hospitality and tourism companies of Australia.

There is another big problem in this field that Australia is lacking behind. The business centers and popular cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, etc. do not have an adequate number of uprated hotels like 4 stars and 5 stars. There is often more demand for 4 stars and 5 stars among visitors than that of luxury hotels.

Development of the ports has not taken place at a greater rate. Therefore, affecting the cruise services of Australia. The ports are occupied mostly due to the export and import of various commodities promoting trade and commerce. Thus leading to very little development of tourist cruises.



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