How to flirt? Pro Tips for Flirting from Dating Coaches.

How to flirt? Tips from Dating Coaches.
How to flirt? Tips from Dating Coaches.

We know flirting doesn’t come easily to everyone. Well, not everyone is a natural-born flirter. Flirting is an act of talking that conveys your interest in the other person. However, doing it like a pro can be a big deal. You must have come here to some tips to overcome your social awkwardness and talk to your crush. Therefore, let’s see how you can skill up your flirting.

Here are some tips for flirting from dating coaches to get you sexual or romantic attention.


1. Check them out:

Previously, experts used to suggest to look and then look – three times to grab their attention. Too much an eye-contact can make you look like a creep. You definitely don’t want to creep them away. So, what should you do then? Try making a zig-zag motion. In other words, look at their eyes, then at their nose and mouth. Therefore, check them out without making them feel uncomfortable.


2. Use your smile:

Smiling girl

You, sure, should begin with eye contact. It is to register your interest in someone. Then you steer their eyes towards your mouth. Your smile can be a signal to them showing your interest in them. In other words, your smile lets you show off your healthy teeth. It can be a sexual signal of healthy breeding. However, don’t overdo it and make yourself a weirdo.


3. Draw attention to your lips:

As you smile, you will automatically draw their attention to your lips. It might sound silly, but it works. You can just swipe on a layer of your lip gloss when your crush approaches you. Then just let your lips do the deed. They’ll surely be dreaming about juicy lips all day long.


4. Compliment them:

Compliment each other.

Sure, complimenting help. However, too much of that can backfire and spoil your deed. Don’t pass the comment as soon as you see them. Just wait for the right moments, make them feel comfortable, and give a coy compliment. It will show them that you are interested in them.


5. Interact with them:

Interaction has always been a basic strategy for having a healthy relationship. It is the same when you are just starting to know someone. Asking them questions about themselves will show you interest in them. In addition to that, you can include some casual light-hearted flirting. Subtle flirting can make them feel attracted to you.

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