I am selling products on Myntra. How? Here is the answer.

I am selling products on Myntra. How? Here is the answer.

I am selling products on Myntra.

One of the most profitable e-commerce platforms in India is Myntra, and to have the opportunity of selling on this e-commerce platform can be fruitful for your business. His e-commerce company started its business by making personalized gifts, and later, it started showcasing 350 Indian as well as international brands. Currently, Myntra is selling more than 1,50,000 products by showcasing more than 1000 brands.


In India, things always get better for online business because around 560,000,000 people use the internet, and India has a population of 1,368,737,513 people, which makes it the second-largest internet using country and based on statistics 87% of the people who uses the internet are the regular users of the internet. Legal documents that the applicant should keep arranged to consist of the GST registration certificate, GSTIN number of applicant’s business, PAN card details of the business entity, CURRENT account with bank’s name and branch, NAME of the account holder, ACCOUNT number, and IFSC Code. When the registration of the applicant gets approved, the applicant then becomes a seller on Myntra, and his/her products started getting ready to be sold on Myntra.

Myntra only allows business entities to sell their products on their site so, individuals are excluded from this. This is the reason why the applicant must do a legal registration for their business. As soon as the applicant gets their business legally registered, they can become a seller on Myntra.

Myntra Registration

The four options which will get your business legally registered are Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Sole Proprietorship Firm, and Partnership Firm. So, these were the four options through which you can get your business registered legally. After your business gets registered legally get VAT registration is really important in order to sell products in a market, and without this registration, the applicant will not be able to sell his/her products on Myntra.

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