Interserve is again in news after winning the five-year contract with Thomas Cook

Interserve won the five-year contract with Thomas Cook


The international support services and construction group, Interserve has strengthened their management by winning a new contract with Thomas Cook which will let them deliver their facilities across the UK at the holiday companies. Not very long ago, in December 2017, they had won a deal worth £2 millions of five years with the power generation company RWE. After that, in this short period of time, they have proved strong management with the new contract in their hand.

What this new contract ensures?

This contract of five years will help Interserve to provide their services to both retail and corporate locations for the first time ever. This way both employees of the company and the customers in-store are going to experience high-end facilities and services which will be very consistent through-in and out. This is going to be very convenient for the travel group.
Interserve has been providing their services through 180,000-square foot corporate estate of Thomas Cook already. Those services include cleaning, reception, maintenance, security and electrical services. These services are provided in the contract center of Falkirk, the offices of Manchester and also Peterborough.
After acquiring this new contract, they are going to provide their service in the Thomas Cook’s 680 nationwide retail stores. It was mentioned that the Manchester aircraft hangover will also be covered by the service provided by them. The starting up of this facility provided by Interserve is going to begin from spring.

The achievement till now:

Interserve has proved to be capable of taking challenges which ensured the contract with RWE in December 2017. In this contract, they will be able to continue providing their services in one of the RWE’s power station situated as Pembroke, South Wales. In their services, they will include industrial and office cleaning, scaffolding, pest control management, thermal insulation and access solutions.
RWE is well-known across Europe for being most efficient and one of the largest combined cycle gas turbine (CGGT) plants. It has a no-doubt reputation for being UK’s important energy supplier. They have definitely made a stir after getting this contract in their hand.
Interserve had announced in December 2017 that Sally Cabrini is going to be appointed to the executive board as director of the transformation from January 15, 2018. Cabrini has been performing the same role in FTSEIOO UK Water Company United Utilities before joining Interserve. Cabrini had played vital roles at Nestle and Northern Foods before United Utilities. Other than these roles, she is also a non-executive director at Lookers plc.
In this context, Debbie White, CEO of Interserve said that Cabrini is going to “bring her strong transformation, commercial and relationship building skills to support the transformation already under way at Interserve.”
Interserve is again in news after winning the five-year contract with Thomas Cook
Interserve CEO Debbie White

Thomas Cook UK on the new contract:

After acquiring the new contract from Thomas Cook, Interserve is aiming for a bigger opportunity in near future. In this context, the head of procurement and property for Thomas Cook UK, Sam Warden says that Interserve has indeed proved their abilities for providing right value for money and definitely with the consistency of their service throughout the Thomas Cook corporate and retail facilities. With this new contract also, Thomas Cook only expects the best from them.


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