India v/s Bangladesh
India vs Bangladesh T20 series


The new rivalry topic in India is that of India vs Bangladesh. Both sides have faced tough competition from the other side. Adding up to this heat, Star Sports has started a campaign to promote India vs Bangladesh T20 series. This campaign, featuring Virender Sehwag and an animated avatar of a Bangladeshi ball shows the two playing the nostalgic game called ‘Chidiya Udd’, which we all have played in our childhood. In the ad, Sehwag is seen saying, “Yahaan itna udd raha hai, kahin T20 me pehli baar jeet gaya, to kitna udega yeh”. Basically it’s a dig on the highly ambitious Bangladeshi cricket fans and the way they behave on social media when it comes to matches against India.

Let’s take a look at what Virender Sehwag himself has to say about this commercial,

“Bangladesh is a good side and the rivalry has snowballed since their win in the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup and when we toured Bangladesh in 2015. However, Bangladesh hasn’t tasted success in the T20 format as India has consistently beaten them in all encounters between the two teams. The off-the-field banter is noticed in both camps. 

Bangladeshi fans take their cricket quite seriously and we have witnessed an outburst on social media with significant online trolling in the past. It is going to be an exciting series and I can’t wait to catch the action on the field.”

Everyone knows that close matches are the element which makes these matches more interesting and keep that excitement alive amongst its fans. But, fans should consider these cricket matches for entertainment and recreation like any other game regardless of who wins or loses. Campaigns like this will be launched every now and then. But fans and the public should take it only as a means of fun and cricket match promotions.


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