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Yes. You read it right.

Mr. Bean is the newest chef who has tried out some recipes. We have made a list of all his recipes. Start watching Chef Mr. Bean and enjoy it!

  1. Have a dinner date with Mr. Bean:


2. Learn to make Ice Cream with Chef Mr. Bean:


3. Mr. Bean helps to make lunch for your picnic:


4. Amazing recipe for Easters by Mr. Bean:


5. A healthy salad with Chef Mr. Bean:


6. Learn to make a birthday cake with Mr. Bean:


7. Mr. Bean makes a delicious pizza:


8.  Pancake recipe by Chef Mr. Bean:

Did you have a blast?

This man is so fun to watch, isn’t he? He can even make cooking so much fun. Do consider trying out the recipes. Don’t forget to comment and let us know which recipe you tried and why.

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