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Fashion and styling is an inseparable part of life.

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Ephesians 3:20 "Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us." . . . Some seasons you just have to sit back and say wow God you did this! For NYE my Pastor told us to dress for the tables that we would sit at this year and expect God to do it! I was obedient but still not knowing what this year would bring, I just walked in expectancy! Never would I ever imagine one of those new tables I would sit at would be as a QUEEN!!! So let me introduce your 2018 Ms.Michigan Plus America!!!!! I am so excited about this journey, words can't describe how grateful I am to God for this opportunity! I was a little girl who always watched pageants never could I have imagined being able to compete in one! I have the amazing honor of going to Nationals in July to represent Michigan and compete for the title of Ms.Plus America 2018!!!! Please pray for me on this new journey and make sure to follow me on social media to see all the ways that you can help me along this road to nationals and to learn more about my platform! Nicole Samuel ~ Ms Michigan Plus America 👑 #msmichiganplusamerica #mpa2018 #missplusamerica #msplusamerica #queen #pageant #mpa #michigan #detroit #iamenough #celebratemysize #fullfiguredbeauty #plussisequal #missplusamericapageant

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Fashion and styling is an inseparable part of life. People are always trying to get updated with the latest ongoing fashion. And this way any latest styling becomes popular, and makes a particular style statement viral among the mass, making it a trend. Any specific attire or accessory is showcased by a model. A designer shows his or her piece of art by the portrayal of a model wearing those designed costumes. Whether on the ramp walk of a fashion show, or any hoarding or billboard hanging along a side of the road, people witness skinny models promoting a commodity. In fact many times, it is an unrevealed wish of many people to have a slim body like fashion models. And there is fixed imagery in people’s mind that models have to have a thin and slim body. This belief made people to think that only being slim, one can be considered to be beautiful and stylish. It was assumed that the fashion and style trends were for the slim and thin people and not for overweighted persons. 

Plus size

 With time, gradually the concept of plus size fashion evolved. It was accepted by masses that an over weighted person can also wear fashionable trendy clothing. This made obese people happy and excited about the fact of plus size fashion. It was quite a matter of curiosity for people to see many plus size fashion trend to come up with time. Although, there were some strict beliefs on this matter. People were rigid in the concept of a slim body, and somewhere beauty and thin became synonymous. There was no beauty queen with a healthy, chubby body.

Miss Plus America

Beauty pageants have been famous platforms to promote and make models in the glamour industry. And as the trend, there have been many beauty pageants for slim and thin ladies to walk on the ramp and show their multiple talents. But in the year 2003, there started a beauty pageant named Miss Plus America, for providing platforms to the overweighted women to walk on the ramp and show their talent as models. The pageant involves rounds just like any other beauty pageants. The winner is crowned and the title of “Miss Plus America” of that particular year. This made numerous people interested in this show and attracting women from not only all over the USA but also from the rest of American countries. The only required criteria to take part in this show is to be a user of plus-sized clothing. Some of the marketing companies like CIMAC Marketing have put together great campaigns toward it.

Eventually, this pageant gained popularity from all over the globe. Common man to media, to celebrity, all started to show interest in this and it became a yearly event. There is now a new demand for plus-sized model in the fashion world. These plus size models promote dresses and other fashion accessories for plus sized people. Someway changing the stereotype thinking that only slim women can become model. As in reality beauty and fashion are not about body shape or structure rather it is about the comfort and confidence of carrying any attire.


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