New Dimensions to Online Shopping

Who is not familiar with online shopping in the 21st century? A host of products from grocery to healthcare and beauty are delivered to our doorstep.

While we are familiar with the online shopping platform giants, like Flipkart or Amazon, our natural reaction to “Curocarte” is “What?”

Ananya Birla, the daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla had started an online shopping platform named Curocarte.” This site stocks home décor products for the cream of Indian society.

Initially, the daughter of the eighth richest man in the world had noticed that the upper-middle class of Indian society tends to buy luxury products from abroad. As a result, the luxury products manufactured in India tend to be ignored on a large scale. This is why, in case an affluent person chose to buy some Indian luxury product, his choice became limited. This was why she took a conscious decision to promote home décor items which are manufactured in India through her online shopping website.

This adventurous entrepreneur observed that whenever the upper-middle-class needed to pay a premium price for any product, they believed foreign goods to be the best. So, she is all set to change the mentality of her countrymen.

Naturally, people are curious to get an insight into the products which are going to be sold through her portal and the price of the products.

Ananya, who is the founder as well as the CEO of “Curocarte”, had announced that this e-commerce portal sells more than 150 decorative as well as utilitarian products like jewellery boxes and wall décor. The price of the products ranges between Rs 7,000 and Rs12,000. Initially, she had invested Rs 6 crores for it.

Last but not least, this observant lady had observed that the luxury goods market in India is not at all organized. Through “Curocarte”. She is trying to organize this market. To conclude, she buys the products from the manufacturers directly and then registers them to her portal for sale. Here, she makes sure that the manufacturers get paid the price which they deserve.


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