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Servers are the backbone of several businesses, especially IT businesses. It is so because servers store critical data that is necessary for the smooth running of the business operations. Passwords and encryption ensure that the network is fully secured, but have you ever thought of providing physical security to your server room? Let us go through key precautions that will help you to safeguard your server room. The following steps help to provide tight physical security.

Hence, without further ado, let us get into it.

Secure the location of your server

Choose a locked room to store your server rack. This will prevent it from possible thefts. You can also monitor and control physical access to the room easily. It is crucial that the servers should be kept with the utmost care as they are quite expensive. Provide access to only a few people. This way, you can easily identify who is responsible for the damages done to the server.

Keep essentials in a locked rack

Further, prevent the equipment of your rack server from rogue employees, whom you don’t feel fit to have access to your IT equipment. Locked racks come as the solution for this problem, and you can keep your switches, firewalls, network panels shut. This reduces the possibilities of physical thefts and damages done to the system.

Provide video surveillance

Install CCTV cameras and monitor people who access your server room. By using biometric systems, you can track the identities of people who are using your server room. Biometric will also record their entry and exit timings. Observe the record of this data and use it to look for people if they are accessing the server room after business hours. Badges and ID cards can be stolen, but a surveillance camera will provide the information of who accesses your server room and the activities carried out by the person.

Datacenter system should run at all times. Therefore, it is crucial to have an uninterrupted power supply so that the working of machines is not hindered. Ensure power backup so that your computer rack doesn’t stop functioning even during a power outage.

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