Obituary of Lola Albright


Introducing the talented woman

Recognized in the silver screen quite late in the movie A Cold Wind in August (1961) as a stripper craving for love, attempting to seduce a teenage boy. In the movie, she was trying to give up the job of a stripper and arranges a play for the teenage boy who is the son of her caretaker. Later, however, she suffers from heartbreak when the boy chooses a girl of his age over her. Critics and audience could not match her with the same vigor less woman who has made few appearances on the screen during the ’50s. They kept thinking of where she has been hiding all her life. However, lately in March 2017, her death has put a shroud over all her desires and talents. She was popularly known for being a singer, mostly letting her voice flow on Edie Hart and her appearance as Peter Gunn’s girlfriend in the TV series Peter Gunn. She died at the age of 92 in Los Angeles, US. Born and raised in Ohio City and having a close relationship with music from a very early age due to her parents ‘association with gospel singing.

Lola Albright were Tulsa in 1949

Her life on Screen

People also remember one of her startling performances as one of the women making efforts to distract a prizefighter in Champion (1949) by Mark Robson. Her role in this movie was a sculptor who’s married but falls hopelessly in love with the boxer. She says that it is not easy for her to fall in love “but I’m going to be serious about this”. Unfortunately, her rich husband gets to know of her secret affair and eventually bribes the boxer to flee. In a 1950 comedy film, The Good Humor Man she starred against Jack Carson whom she married a few years later. Few other movies starring Lola Albright were Tulsa in 1949 where her character was named Susan Hayward. In Silver Whip (1953), she played the role of singer girlfriend in a saloon of the gunslinger. The Tender Wrap had cast her as one of the several young women attempting at making a stark impression in front of a bachelor for marriage. In 1957 science fiction movie The Monolith Monsters, she played a leading role. Her appearance in A Cold Wind in August turned her career on the silver screen. She immediately got herself a leading role in Kid Galahad (1962) in which she was starred alongside famous American singer and actor Elvis Presley. Later, also featured in Joy House (1964), where she is a widow swelling with kindness. She provides free food to poor and needy children. Last of her best appearances was in the movie titled Lord Love a Duck during the 1960s. She played the role of a waitress serving cocktail who is also a mother of a teenage boy. Her role got several appraisals and made her the winner of Silver Bear at the film festival in Berlin.

Obituary of Lola Albright

Concluding lines

Losing a late-found talent as she is an unfortunate incident for the film industry. May her soul rest in peace.


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