Blow Job Tips: Know Before You Give One The Next Time.

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It’s nothing to feel shy about. It has been seen that 85 percent of adults have had oral sex at some point. In other words, it’s okay to go down on someone who has a penis. However, some still might find it gross. Giving out blowjobs to your partner is perfectly cool. It is a part of oral sex and can be a good part of sex routines.

Just like other sex routines, there are good BJs and bad BJs. Of course, your partner won’t like the bad one. Therefore, we have listed some tips on how to and when to give out a good BJ to the one who deserves it.

1. Have a dry mouth?

Though people avoid admitting the problem of dry mouth, it is a common problem. It is either caused due to nerves, allergy or medication, or just drinking alcohol. However, you can avoid this problem by chewing gums or sour candies. It will help in more saliva production.

2. Try butt playing!!!

If you are not into BJs, just change the territory. How about asking your partner to play the butt game? If he agrees, ask what he wants to play. But if he also has no idea, check out the anal play tips for beginners and get going..!!

3. Don’t worry!! He is not looking at you.

As you didn’t look good with a big popsicle in your mouth years ago, you won’t look good here also. But don’t worry. He is least interested in your looks when you are down there. The feeling matters the most to him there.

4. No forced BJs!!!

No matter who your partner is. He can be your husband or your 10 years live-in boyfriend. But he is no one to force you to have oral sex or give him a BJ.  This kind of person deserves to get their ass kicked, not his genital licked.

5. Does your partner seem too quiet during the act?

You know it’s common with the penis owners. They forget that their partner needs to see them excited and enjoying it. If your partner is such a guy, you need to speak to him. He needs to get feedback to improve his BJ novices.

In conclusion, we hope this article is helpful enough for you. Do comment and let us know your feedback as well. And you can follow our websites for more content.


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