Parle Krack Jack: The Story Behind The Sweet & Salty Crackers

Parle Krack Jack

Parle Krack Jack: The Story Behind The Sweet & Salty Crackers

Even the youngest kids in India know that the best biscuits are owned by Parle. Such is the impact of Parle on our lives. They brought to life revolutionary biscuits like Parle–G and Krack Jack. Some of you might not be aware but brands like Melody and Frooti also come under the umbrella of Parle. Parle has been producing quality products for decades. It has managed to influence the lives of not only the big city hot shots but also the small town humble folks.


Parle: The History

The Chauhan Family of Vile Parle started this company in British India. Later, it launched ad campaigns promoting the use of Parle Biscuits and Confectionaries as an alternative to British Products. What many people don’t know is that in the pioneer day’s confectionaries was the prime focus of Parle, not biscuits. But over time, things escalated and Parle-G was launched in 1939.



After the massive success of the Parle Glucose Biscuit, Parle launched Krack Jack in 1972. Krack Jack is India’s first and original sweet and salty biscuits. Imagine the time it has been around and is still loved by people. In 2011, it became the largest selling biscuit brand. Today, Parle enjoys a lump-sum 35-40% of the market share in the biscuit industry.


Recent Launch

It has achieved good progress with its new ad campaigns for the recently launched flavor: Krack Jack Butter Masala. Now it is the new favorite of many people nationwide because of the wonderful aroma and buttery sweet-salty taste.


Global Reach

Krack Jack has managed to create a global following. Krack Jack was awarded several international awards as well for its quality and taste. Even after years, it doesn’t bore anyone! These flat-baked sweet and salty wheat biscuits are crafted with a delicious balance that has been winning numerous hearts ever since it was launched. Even today, people of almost all age groups enjoy these Parle Products to the fullest.


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