Tarun Vijay and The Controversy Surrounding Him

Tarun Vijay and The Controversy Surrounding Him

You must have heard this popular phrase about writers, “Pen is mightier than the sword!” While a lot of people in the world of literature have proven this with their words, there are some who have managed to showcase the same with their actions. Tarun Vijay is an Indian writer whose journey now serves as an example for people in the literary world and politics world as well. He became a Member of Parliament in the year 2010 and served there till 2016. He has been the favorite child of controversy for quite a long time period.

Tarun Vijay and The Recent Controversy

Tarun Vijay has been a favorite for critics because of his out of the box actions, which ultimately get him into more trouble. He was beaten up by a mob in the year 2016 for leading a group of Dalit people to the Silgur Devta Temple, which is about 200 kilometers away from Dehradun. Again he found himself the center of attraction by commenting on something controversial about the attacks on African students in India. He was giving an interview to Al Jazeera at that time. Even when he tried to justify his comments, he could not find proper words.


Is Tarun Vijay Defined Just By These Controversies?

If you were to judge the true nature of a person, then the primary parameter would be their actions. So far, Tarun Vijay’s actions have been widely criticized, but this should not discount his contribution to his field. He has served as a Member of Parliament and did a great job at that. Tarun Vijay worked for many reputed print media organizations like Panchjanya. However, we sure can learn one thing from him, and that is, we should choose our actions more carefully than our words because they hurt louder than words.


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