PV Sindhu’s Response Towards Her Critics

PV Sindhu’s Response Towards Her Critics
PV Sindhu’s Response Towards Her Critics

PV Sindhu’s Strong Response

In the final round of the BWF World Championships, PV Sindhu lost her match, which was against Carolina Marin. For her, this was one of her big losses in her career, considering that she lost in the Rio Olympics, and her opponent was none other than Carolina Marin. This loss triggered some questions which were directed at her ability to win big matches, and this got Sindhu to hit back at her critics with her bold statement, which was posted on Instagram. She silenced her critics by saying how she really felt about her performance.
PV Sindhu said that she was really happy and was proud that she won a silver medal and didn’t lose a gold medal at the BWF World Championships.




She added that her silver had its sparkles, and she was really proud of it. She said that she had a great time there and respective of losing, she had some challenging matches which she enjoyed. Being really happy about her performance in all the matches, she believes that the combination of patience and persistence is the best combination for success which will help her in achieving a gold medal someday.
She is always grateful for the fans that support her and keeps her motivated. She also
thanked her coaches, who she said helped her a lot, and at last, she thanked all her

PV Sindhu Instagram Response Towards Her CriticsCareer of PV Sindhu

The matches that PV Sindhu lost are:

  • 2016 and 2017 Hong Kong Open Finals
  • 2017 and 2018 World Championships Finals
  • 2017 Super Series Finals
  • 2018 India open
  • 2018 Thailand open.

The matches that PV Sindhu won were:

  • 2016 Malaysia Masters
  • 2016 China Open
  • The 2017 Syed Modi International
  • 2017 India Open
  • 2017 Korea Open tournaments.

These tournaments took place in the last three years.

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