Intel announces that security updates will not slow down devices significantly

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Intel Corp has announced that the security fixes will not slow down the performance level of the computer or even slow down rebuffing since there was a flaw found recently concerning this issue where the microprocessor is noticed with a reduced performance. That news had made quite an impact in the technology world but after the reassuring announcement from the side of Intel Corp, this matter is going to lose some of its dire consequences.
In this context, Intel said on Thursday that there are reports received from the sides of Google, Inc, Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp where they have reported little problems almost next no concerning this problem of security fix. Intel Corp also added to this announcement saying that the problem will surely lose its significance in short period of time.

What is the flaw?

The researchers of the Intel Corp had reported about this security issue earlier this week. The report had made it clear that this flaw is going to allow hackers to steal vital and sensitive information through the largely used microprocessors of this Corp from computers, phones and also other types of devices.
The researchers exposed two vital flaws in the security issue that has come up through their research. These two flaws leave the modern devices with computing technologies defenseless against hackers. The computing devices vulnerable to this issue must contain chips from Intel, ARM Holdings, and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Two flaws of this security issue and solutions:

According to the researchers, the first issue of the two flaws is called Meltdown. In this security flaw, the effects are found on the Intel chips and hackers can easily surpass the hardware barrier which is found in the computer’s memory and different types of applications run by the users. The result is that hackers can easily read that computer’s memory and then hack useful passwords.
The second type of security flaw is called Spectre. The effects of this security flaw are found in the chips of Intel, ARM, and AMD. This is where the hackers can affect different types of applications used by the users which are error-free in the beginning and finally giving in by enclosing secret and vital information.
Intel had announced this issue to be not a by-product of any type of design flaw. They have simply asked the users to download the patch found online and update their operating system as soon as possible.

The impact of this security flaw:

The first impact after this issue was felt on the Intel shares which dropped nearly 2% on Thursday. The investors clarified their fear of potential financial liability saying that this issue might bring forth reputational damage also.
In this context, security experts mentioned that Intel might claim this matter to be handled by simply downloading the patches online but that slowing down the computers is not something to throw aside. This will eventually bring out the fact that Intel will effectively force their customers to buy new hardware. Big customers will be able to get compensations for any type of software and hardware fixes they are going to apply for their devices from Intel.

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Image by Binary Tribune


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