Server Rack Cooling Is Very Important: Airflow, Fans, and Methods

Rack Server | Server Rack Cooling Is Very Important: Airflow and Methods

Servers tend to generate much heat in relatively smaller areas. The rack servers available today are faster than the CPUs available earlier. They should be cooled as they urge to heat a house even in the dead of winter. If they are not kept at average temperature or cooled down, they will have a shorter lifespan than usual and will also fail to function correctly because of the rack-mount enclosure.

There is special equipment designed especially for computer rooms that help them cool and regulate heat to a great extent. Such equipment includes high-capacity air conditioners, cooling systems that are raised on the floors, etc. Apart from installing all such appliances, it is also essential that the network cabinets are provided with adequate ventilation that allows the built-in heat to pass.

You can also keep the cabinet cool with the help of some appliances such as airflow, fans, and other similar methods.

Why is airflow necessary?

When heat is appropriately managed in a network control room, it stays cool, and you will experience lower electricity bills. It also prevents servers from crashing down due to excessive heat. A rack server contains several systems, and therefore, it is not possible to manage the airflow in each system. Hence, airflow systems are installed in the server rack itself. Hot air is blown out of the rack and directed up towards the ceiling.

Fan Trays

Fan Trays are effective in moving the heat out of the rack, and they are generally installed in front of the hot spot. For example, the extreme top of the rack may not have space for airflow, and it can become hot due to air circulation. Fan trays are beneficial to be placed at such spots to stop the build-up of excessive heat.

Liquid Cooling for servers

The liquid cooling method is hugely beneficial to manage heat either in individual systems or the entire rack. This is done by pumping chilled liquid onto heat sync. It is challenging to incorporate liquid cooling systems and is therefore installed by companies that operate in high computing performance and have excellent rack mount enclosures such as high-frequency trading firms.

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