Body-Language Signs | 5 Signs That Show He Likes You | Pr Forbes
Body-Language Signs | 5 Signs That Show He Likes You | Pr Forbes

When you lock eyes with the handsome man sitting at the next table, what comes to your mind first? Sure, instantly 1,000 questions must have come across your mind. For example, if he is single, or if he finds you attractive as well.

But before you approach him, you need to study his body language signs. Just as in other aspects, body-language signs also play a significant role while dating. For this instant, if the eye contact continues, things might be in your favor. In other words, just know that he’s looking at you for a reason. Whether he’s checking out your smooth curves, or your hot legs – you need to figure out what’s in his mind.

So, how are you going to figure out if he’s really into you or not? To help you out, we have listed some tips only for you in the underneath section.

Here are some tips to decode his feelings from his body-language signs.

1. He tilts his head in two directions.

Just like dogs tilt their head when they hear a sound for the first time, guys are also like our furry friends. When a guy tilts his head to a side, it means he’s curious and interested to know more about you.

2. He plays with his necktie.

Well, what do you do when you’re nervous? Do you chew your fingernails? Well, guys touch their visible dip area, when they are nervous. In other words, touching the area where the neck meets the collarbones allows self-soothing. So, girls, if a guy plays with his necktie, he might be interested in you.

3. He leans towards you while talking.

While this one doesn’t count if you met in a noisy bar. But when he can perfectly hear you, and still leans, well, he’s showing his interest in you. So, keep this in mind and take the first step to start the relationship.

4. He sits with his legs crossed.

When he comes up to you and sits next to you, observe his posture. If he crossed his legs away and his body towards you, it might be because he’s just shy. However, it may vary depending upon the guy.

5. He walks beside you.

Well, observe while you two are out for a walk. If he is walking along with you, matching your footsteps, his guy is the one. This means he can adjust himself to your pace. In other words, he can adjust his life to match yours.

How was the article? Do you want more tips to decode the meaning behind their body-language signs?

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