10 New Arousing Things That You Can Try Out | Pr Forbes
Looking For New Arousing Things To Try? 10 Things To Include In Your Nooky Bucket.

Since 2020 couldn’t let you have the fun, 2021 might be your year. There are about a billion things that you can try with your partner this year. You can always try out some arousing things to improve your sexual pleasure. Even when you are single, you can still try out some arousal things in your sex life, right?

So, do you have anything specific in your mind to make your sex session even hotter? It can be anything that you want to do. In other words, you can tailor it as per your fantasies. It is time that you get horny and try some arousing things.

However, we have come up with 10 new arousing things that you can try out.


1. Rip off each other’s clothes:

You know sex is totally worth the ripping. You can rip off your partner’s T-shirt to touch the bare body. Have you ever tried out this one? Give it a try if not.


2. Try ejaculating on your partner’s face:

10 New Arousing Things That You Can Try Out | Pr Forbes

Did your female partner have ever ejaculated on your face? If not, try out this new power sex move. Or, you are finding it too much? If not that, the least you can try out is trying out orgasm.


3. Try out some naked exercises:

10 New Arousing Things That You Can Try Out | Pr Forbes

Your hormones get to their peak level when you sweat. Therefore, try working together and get your hormones to race.


4. Lick every part of your partner’s body:

From head to toe, your partner is yours, at least during that time. Either you bite their tongue or lick their neck – it’s you deciding.


5. Share your erotic fantasy with your partner:

 10 New Arousing Things That You Can Try Out | Pr Forbes

Have you tried sharing your sexual fantasy with your partner? Now, try sharing it.


6. Try vibrating panties with your partner in public:

How about using a vibrating panty in public? Uhhhh….the idea itself sounds so exciting. Doesn’t it? Plus, this is one of those arousing things that you can even try alone.


7. Get sex toys for each other:

Sex toys can be super fun to use, even with partners. Explore the toy shop and get a unique one for yourself. Then, you can do your deed.


8. Buy a sex game:

This is not “Strip Poker”. A good sex game will let you what to do, bringing up the level of excitement. You should give it a try. But first, place the order.


9. Role-play with a partner:

Role-play with a partner

Role-playing has always been great for having an exciting sexual session. Whether you dominate or your partner does – it can definitely boost the sexual tension between you two.


10. Have a threesome:

Whether you be the third person or looking for one with your partner – it’s your call. However, the amount of fun you are going to have is unmatchable.

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