IPL Team Owners | Here’s How IPL Team Owners Make Money
IPL Team Owners | Here’s How IPL Team Owners Make Money

Here’s How IPL Team Owners Make Money

The Indian Premier League has been a center for attraction for eleven years now. When it began in 2008, nobody would have imagined that this league will set a benchmark for domestic cricket leagues all over the world. The Indian Premier League is way too superior in terms of popularity to any other league. In the IPL, the teams of different cities are owned by multiple owners, and you may wonder what do they get after spending tons of money on big players? Well, here are your answers to how the IPL owners make money!



The teams that play in the IPL would have had a clean jersey with no logos of any brand if it were not for their sponsorships. The brands sponsor these teams, and these sponsorships help the IPL team owners recover a huge sum of their money.



The Indian Premier League is a tournament that lasts over a month, and all the matches are broadcasted by a channel. Earlier the IPL was being broadcasted on Sony Corporation channels like SetMax and Sony TV. But now Star TV has the media rights of this tournament.



Tickets of IPL matches are sold at prices varying from as low as ₹650. These tickets help the IPL team owners earn a lot of money despite having to share the number of ticket sales with the BCCI.



The prize money for winning this grand tournament of cricket is humongous and is shared by the winning team and its owners. Mumbai Indians, a former winner, won ₹40 crores as the prize money and shared the amount with its owners.


Well, here we have enlisted all the various ways by which the IPL Team Owners can make money. So, now you know how the Indian Premier League team owners get their Returns on the Investments they make.

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