Video Goes Viral Of Covington Catholic High School Students In MAGA Hats To Meet Up Donald Trump As Per Ingraham

Recently, Laura Ingraham from Fox News has tweeted a viral video. Here, the students of Covington Catholic High School were wearing hats with the caption ‘Make American Great Again’. As per the video, also the students were in a controversial situation with a Native American elder Nathan Philips. Soon, these students are about to meet up Donald Trump, the president of U.S. Apart from Twitter, Ingraham also shared this news video on her Podcast. By now, the video has become quite viral and a lot of people are talking about it.



As a reaction to the video, Trump has come up with a strong argument on Tuesday morning. The president has opened up on Twitter saying that the students of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, including Nick Sandman has been misjudged. AS per him, the media is getting unfair towards the students.

Video Goes Viral Of Covington Catholic High School Students In MAGA Hats To Meet Up Trump As Per Ingraham

Also, the president has added some more contents to his tweet the next day. He said that media has symbolized the students with ‘Make American Great Again’ hat in a fake way. But he believes that surely the students are going to make use of this traffic in doing something good. Especially the viral video will be quite helpful in getting people together.







So, Donald Trump has put up his own points stating that the media has misjudged the video. On the other hand, Ingraham has tweeted that the students will visit the president soon in a day or two. Adding up to the controversy, media is strong enough in confirming the student’s visit in a day or two. But there is no such news or confirmation yet from the president or even from the White House. It is not yet confirmed that the video of students in MAGA hats is exactly what the media is talking about or something else.

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