Palestinians began to rebel on Friday December 6th, 2017 as US President Donald Trump considered Jerusalem as the capital of Israel



US President Donald Trump has constantly been in the headlines since his joining the office and even before that. This time he made himself into the news concerning his straight announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Till now, none of the countries in the world consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel other than the country’s own government. Donald Trump’s denial has caused severe unrest. Worshippers from Palestine and Israeli troops engage in a fight and the Muslims show vehement protest against Trump’s statement. Palestinians who consider East Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of the country has recognized this as a direct strike on their sentiments.
US President Donald Trump made himself into the news concerning his straight announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
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What has happened as a consequence?

When the clashes commenced, the people to be shot dead at first were the ones who agreed with Trump and considered Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital. Palestinians began to rebel as soon as the Friday prayer was over on December 6th, 2017. They furiously clashed with the Israeli army and Muslim people came down to the streets to join the fight. Next day was decided to be a day of rage as well. However, Palestinians did appear only in smaller numbers making their protest weak enough for the Israeli troops to manage them with ease. On Friday, Israeli military aircraft threw bombs at several places in Gaza as a violent rejoinder against a rocket that was fired at an Israeli town. Approximately twenty-five people got injured in the bombing, as recorded by Palestinian sources out of which there were six children.
There is major breaking news tonight that President Trump is set to announce the U.S. government will recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel and that the American embassy in Tel Aviv will be moved to the city.
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Activity in the outer world

US President Donald Trump considered Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital.
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Witnessing the situation of despair and revenge, members of the UN Security Council decided to have a meet and resolve the issue through an exhibition of support for both the states and mention the separation of US in diplomatic issues. UN’s French representative Francois Delattre has clearly stated that Trump’s words “…was in breach of international law” and has resulted in the serious religious conflict within the nation thereby striking on the solidarity and peace of another country. US officials were in a desperate attempt at limiting the worsening of the situation that has literally caused universal dispute and astounded the allies of Washington. Not only that, Trump’s statement has brought down the long-developed peace of Jerusalem regarding the matter in question to pieces. US secretary of state Rex Tillerson has tried his level best to decrease the amount of further diplomatic destruction. He said that the shift of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem cannot be done immediately. Moving the entire embassy has to go through a long official procedure and therefore needs a length of at least two years. This controversy has opened spaces for Russian President Vladimir Putin to openly condemn Trump for disrupting the peaceful environment of another country. A close watch is being kept by the Israeli government especially in places of Palestinian residents in order to avoid any sort of further attack or state of unrest in the country. Marches of protest has also been held in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Malaysia.



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