Summer will come every year. What different you can do this year is get an AC for your sweet home to keep it cool as well. There was a generation in India that saw AC as something used by only a few families in the society. But, with the rising global warming, AC is becoming something mandatory in every household. Below is a list of the best AC brands available in India. 


AC s from this brand is preferred due to their longevity, performance and excellent cooling. One can choose between the range 20k to 50k based upon their requirements in features and reliability.


Although made from Japanese technology, ACs from Daikin is popular in India since ages. Primarily chosen for its affordable price and latest functions, these ACs prove to be the ultimate solution to your summers once you get installed them in your homes or offices.



The name Voltas has gained faith in its Indian customers as best in durability. Power efficient ACs from Voltas, with the help of creative advertising campaigns has helped it to reach its customers at large.



LG is one of those brands in India which is known not only for AC but a variety of other products. It is one of the most popular consumer goods brand in India. LG is believed to use the latest technology in air conditioners and gives customer satisfaction their top most priority. This South Korean brand makes AC available in Indian market in the range 17k to 80k.


Started its journey in 1950s, Mitsubishi electric has come a long way in establishing itself in this field. It sells a wide range of high quality products which includes a wide range of split as well as window ACs. Its popularity in India is due to the fact that it makes products keeping the needs of Indians as their first priority.





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