Uninterruptible Power Supply: Why Your Data Center Needs It?

Uninterruptible Power Supply | Why Your Data Center Needs It?

The main objective of the data center is to provide maximum uptime on almost all its equipment. The data centers achieve this task with the help of circuits, redundant communications, etc. It ensures that there is enough power supply on equipment every time. However, the power supply companies cannot assure an uninterrupted supply of power at all times to the network rack. Hence, data centers should install ups or continuous power supply systems.

Meaning of Uninterruptible power supply

UPS ensures that there is no power cut for any equipment at any time. Several UPS systems are available to choose from. When the commercial power source is down, they efficiently take care of the power supply across all equipment. The different types of UPS systems are listed below –

  • Individual Unit – A single unit contains several batteries that help to provide power to the computer equipment where there is a power outage. This unit can provide power to any place and can also operate for several hours. Specific times depend on the number of systems running and even the model of UPS.
  • Full data center UPS – Advanced data centers, some with 9u rack, have a centralized battery system that supplies power to the entire data center. Such batteries generally provide power for up to 30 minutes until a diesel generator is set up to take care of uninterrupted power supply for hours.

Benefits of uninterruptible power supply

Providing regular electricity – Smaller fluctuations are often experienced in power supplies as electricity cannot work at a consistent rate. It may damage the computer systems in the network rack in the long run. UPS is capable to even out the distribution of power supply.

Power surges should be stopped – Commercial Power runs through the UPS system, and they effectively block potential spurts in power supply so that the equipment is not damaged because of it. It is beneficial for sensitive electronic devices.

Cut back on electricity load – There is no denying that large scale data centers, for instance, a 9u rack use much electricity. During the times of peak usage, UPS systems are used along with commercial power supply. It helps the surrounding community to avoid brown-outs efficiently.

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